How to Build Self Confidence

Here are a few suggestions:

1. There is a saying “Fake it till you make it” and certainly you can appear more confident by acting in a confident manner.

Appropriate body language is very important if you wish to appear confident. Focus on making eye contact with other people, offer to shake hands and do so with a firm grip, stand up straight, do not slouch, do not fidget, and do not fold your arms across your body when around other people.

2. If you feel that your clothes are not stylish and/or not flattering to your figure and complexion, go purchase some new ones. If you are not sure what styles and colors suit you there are fashion stylists who will edit your wardrobe, take you shopping and advise on purchases.

If you have had the same hairstyle, glasses and/or makeup for years, you may be advised to seek advice on those as well.

3. If you are overweight and/or flabby your low self confidence may be boosted by some weight loss and muscle toning. If motivation is a problem consider hiring a personal trainer or joining group exercise classes.

4. Review your friends and family and consider whether these people help build your self confidence or contribute to sapping your confidence. If there are people in your life who treat you badly you may need to consider culling them from your social network, limiting the amount of time you spend with them and/or setting some boundaries with them in regard to how they speak to you.

5. Sometime people lack self confidence because they believe they have deficits in their skills and/or education. Further study or personal development courses may be helpful.

If you require further assistance consulting a psychologist can be helpful.

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