Public Speaking without The Anxiety

Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety,
Melbourne Weekend Workshop

If the thought of public speaking fills your mind with dread, or thoughts of having a full-blown panic attack; you are not alone. If you experience symptoms such as: blushing, sweating, shaking, or feel your mind go blank before speaking publicly – help is just an event away.

If you’d like to stop missing out on career opportunities and cease being debilitatingly anxious whether it is at school, university, or work, then it’s time to consider what more can be done to help you get rid of all that anxiety.

If you’ve previously tried other public speaking courses but found them to be too anxiety provoking, or unsuited for your needs, consider attending a workshop that’s run by a clinical psychologist.

As a Clinical Psychologist, Catherine Madigan has helped countless patients overcome their fear of public speaking for more than 20 years. Using current research, Catherine Madigan takes an evidence-based approach to helping people overcome public speaking anxiety.

Whether you need to function better in a corporate environment, give a speech at a wedding, or do a presentation for university – this course will provide the information and feedback you need to decrease your anxiety.





Location to be advised


Refunds up to 7 days before event

The percentage of the fee refunded provided depends on how long before the commencement date you withdraw from the course.



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