Nutrition & Lifestyle Issues for Social Anxiety

Social phobia sufferers may benefit from addressing dietary and lifestyle factors which can aggravate anxiety Read More

Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder

There are pros and cons for both individual and group sessions. Individual therapy for social anxiety disorder will be the treatment of choice for some. Other sufferers will choose to start with individual sessions and then graduate to a group program. Some sufferers may feel confident enough to embark upon a group treatment program without prior individual therapy. Read More

How to Stop Sweating & Hyperhidrosis

 Treatment Options for Excessive Sweating

There are many effective methods to decrease or even cure excessive sweating. Treatment will depend factors such as the site (hands, underarms, feet, or face) and your past successes or failures. 97% of excessive perspiration cases can be treated, no matter how severe. In many cases a team approach is the best solution, combining medical treatments by specialists, as well as behavioural methods by psychologists. Read More

Types of excessive sweating

How to Not Sweat

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating can affect many areas on the body. Some patients will have ‘focal’ or isolated areas of sweating, such as the hands, under arm sweating, feet or face. In other cases, multiple areas may effected.

No matter how severe your condition, treatment options are always a possibility. Read More