Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder

There are pros and cons for both individual and group sessions. Individual therapy for social anxiety disorder will be the treatment of choice for some. Other sufferers will choose to start with individual sessions and then graduate to a group program. Some sufferers may feel confident enough to embark upon a group treatment program without prior individual therapy.

Pros of Group Treatment

Groups offer the opportunity to:

  • Discover that you are not alone and that other people fear interacting with others
  • Make new friends, share your experience of fear, panic and apprehension, and pick up tips and receive help from other sufferers
  • Role play feared situations in a supportive environment and receive feedback from other people
  • Save money as group sessions  tend to be cheaper than individual sessions


 Cons of Group Sessions

  • May be too threatening for some people
  • Group sessions specifically for social anxiety disorders may not be available in your area


Pros of Individual Therapy

  • Greater availability
  • 1:1 attention
  • A greater focus on your specific issues


Cons of Individual Sessions

  • More expensive
  • Role playing will be limited as only the therapist is available to simulate feared encounters


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