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What Causes The Most Stress Amongst Australians

Even though we live in the lucky country, which is often rated as one of the best countries to live in around the world, Australians still have to deal with a high level of stress. Although we live in a very safe and secure environment, in every life there are issues that people worry about and can easily work themselves into a stressful state over. The main causes of stress in Australia are listed below.

1.    Financial Pressures
2.    Personal Health Issues
3.    Family Issues
4.    Others wellbeing
5.    Relationships

It is interesting that financial pressure is the leading cause of stress even in an affluent society such as ours. This often comes down to the feelings of expectation, feelings of security and also because financial success is a often considered a measure of success in our society. When one has a family, financial pressures are often increased as there is the idea that you need to provide for not only yourself, but your families future.

The remaining top causes of stress are all related to health and well-being of a physical or relationship nature. This can make sense based on the fact that our health and happiness, along with that of our friends and family are often what we treasure most. Stress is regularly caused by not wanting to experience the loss of something, and that ties in with health and the strong relationships we make with family and other loved ones.

It is important to know that if you are suffering from a stress related issue, that you can get help and talking about it is usually the best way to overcome a stressful situation. Keeping the causes of stress bottled up inside is rarely the answer.

Other causes of stress from a recent study include study pressure, environmental concerns and personal safety. In our every changing world it will be interesting to see how the causes of stress evolve in the future and how stress management ideas will improve to help people live a happier life.

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